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King of the Mountain (Short Kings) by Tamrin Banks – Free eBooks Download


I’m not the biggest but I’m for sure the scariest man you’ll ever run across. I’ve done things for my country that would curl your hair and give you nightmares.
Now I just want to be alone. Hide out from my own dang nightmares. Until she shows up. My little fawn has gotten mixed up in something evil. Something that could get her killed. But they’ll have to go through me first and I’m out for my own brand of justice on her behalf. The permanent kind. Because no one threatens what’s mine.

Trouble seems to follow me wherever I go. One stupid walk home from a party with a drunk date and I run across something I never should have seen. Something that’s going to get me killed.
So what do I do? Head to the mountains where I think I can hide. But I don’t know this area and my car breaks down and I get lost. Only freaking me!
Exhausted, hungry and terrified I stumble across him. Lean and frightening. The very definition of dangerous. His face carved from granite. His body solid muscle and hard as a rock.
Catching me on his land, he promises to keep me safe. I’ve never trusted any man like I trust him. He makes me feel like nothing can hurt me when I’m in his strong arms.
When trouble shows up, is Bennet going to be enough to protect me or am I destined for a showdown with fate? One that will take me away from the only man I’ve ever loved.

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