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king, rebecca joyce

King (Sons of Hell M.C. #1) by Rebecca Joyce – Free eBooks Download


As the president of the Sons of Hell Motorcycle Club, I resolved myself to living my life alone. I’d been down the marriage market before and vowed never again. I had my brothers, the club and all the willing women I could ever want.
My life was perfect.
Until the letter came.
Known for our special projects, the Sons of Hell wasn’t just any biker club. Oh, we dabbled in the dark underbelly and got our hands dirty like everyone else but my club, well… we were different. Comprised of ex-military, the Sons of Hell was a real brotherhood, not just in name. When the club receives a letter from a former brother asking for help, I don’t think twice before agreeing to help.
That was until I met the very young, snarky and biggest pain in the ass I ever met. Oh, and she just happened to be the new tattoo artist in town and the reason for the letter.

No one knew who I was, and I needed to keep it that way. I may be young, but I have a past just like everyone else. Only my past is hunting me. Starting over in the small town of Rosewood, Virginia, I stupidly thought I could hide away and live out my life free of my nightmares.
Boy, was I wrong.
The second King walked into my shop and busted my balls, it was on like Donkey Kong. I may be small and new to town, but I was no pushover. I didn’t get the name Venom because of my sweet personality. When King and his merry band of misfits seem determined to disrupt my life, I am left with no choice, either play along or make their lives a living hell.
I wasn’t raised to be a pushover, so I planned to give as good as I got.

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