Killer Omega by G.R. Loreweaver (ePUB)

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Killer Omega (Femme Fatale Freakshow) by G.R. Loreweaver – Free eBooks Download


We are the Femme Fatale Freakshow.
The things that go bump in the night. The monster of your nightmares. The blade in the shadows. The bitter end you never saw coming.
And we are sex personified.
Killer Omega
To some, I am a Goddess. To others, I am the reaper.
Whichever the case may be, I have never felt the pull of mortal emotions in my unmeasurable lifetime. So when my heart aches from trying to force the alpha and his beta brother away, I know there is going to be trouble.
And when my first heat begins to surface, that trouble hits a catastrophic level.
Let’s just hope these boys can handle all of me.
Because once we bond, there will be no turning back.
For anyone.

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