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killer crescent, leigh kelsey

Killer Crescent (Rebels and Psychos #1) by Leigh Kelsey – Free eBooks Download


If a secret wolf society thinks they can take me down, they’ve got another thing coming. There’s a reason they call me Graves.

It’s not my fault I’m a psychopath. What else would happen to someone who witnessed her sister’s murder? Without magic in my arsenal like the rest of my family, I have to rely on other methods: sharp knives, stealth, and killer instincts. And hey, killing pays the bills.
I’ve been a magical dud all my life, the black sheep of the Falcon witch line, but my family are liars. When I’m stalking my next victim under the blood moon, I sprout fur, sharp teeth, and a fuzzy tail.
It turns out I’m a dual-blood, both a witch and a wolf, and now I’m on the radar of the Crescent Club, one of three ancient societies of witches, wolves, and vampires.
I’m given two options: move into Blake Hall, a dark gothic mansion in the middle of nowhere, or get my power stripped.
Luckily, I have five dangerous psycho mates on my side: dominant alpha Dean, insane vampire Slasher, sweet bookish Brannigan, my silent shadow Hugh, and cruel Edison who rejects me but can’t deny our chemistry.

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