Kidnapped By the Vampire Prince by Electra Cage (ePUB)

kidnapped vampire prince, electra cage

Kidnapped By the Vampire Prince (Royal Vampires #1) by Electra Cage – Free eBooks Download


The cruel vampire prince held me as his slave until I escaped. Now he’s back to get me.
As heir to the throne he must find a mate before his coronation … in just a couple of days.
So he grabs me again … drinks my blood … makes me crazy for him …
But never touches me for real.
I fled him years ago but the memories still haunt me.
The vivid dreams of the things he did to me … so bad, and at the same time so good.
Now he’s mad at me for standing up to him, so he torments me.
I must find a way to escape his castle, escape those wicked gray eyes, escape my yearning.
I loathe this monster, but my body’s craving is slowly taking over.
Is this the real reason why I didn’t I escape again when I had the chance to?
I had undone the ropes … was out of the door …
Yet something made me walk back into captivity.
Will I give myself to the vampire prince willingly?

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