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Khyle (Were Zoo #15) by R. E. Butler – Free eBooks Download


Stallion shifter Khyle Fitzgerald is a man without his people. Sure he has his family and he’s got friends in the shifters who live in secret in the Amazing Adventures Safari Park, but he’s no longer part of his herd. He didn’t think it would bother him, but not being part of it is driving him crazy. When his dad tasks him with completing a project for their family construction business that involves him being out of town for a month, he comes back with the intention of leaving and starting his own herd somewhere outside of New Jersey.
She-wolf Aletris Morrigan was living with the park shifters until some complications arose between herself and her bestie. On the advice of a new friend, she left the park to stay with a herd of four stallion shifters in a small farming town where she could get a break from the stress of dealing with her bestie’s choices. She didn’t expect to love being on the farm so much and finding peace working with the stallions.
When Khyle shows up at the farm to tell his friends he’s taking off, he and Tris realize that they’re soulmates. Khyle can’t imagine a beautiful she-wolf wanting to be with an exiled male who doesn’t even have a herd, but she only cares that being with Khyle makes her feel like she’s finally found home. Their newfound happiness is shattered when another herd with an ax to grind plans to destroy everything and Tris gets caught in the crossfire. Can Khyle get to her in time?

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