Kelsey’s King by Clarice Jayne (ePUB)

kelsey's king, clarice jayne

Kelsey’s King (King Brothers Investigation #5) by Clarice Jayne – Free eBooks Download


Nathan Mitchell has been friends with Tyler Edwards since they were kids. They grew up together, went through school and the army together. Along with Jayden, he considers them both as brothers. But Nathan has a secret he has been keeping for a while, he is in love with Tyler’s sister Kelsey. He has tried to keep his distance, but every time he tries, he falls harder for her.
Kelsey loves her brother and knows her relationship with Nathan will cause all kinds of issues. But she can’t let Nathan go, she doesn’t want to let him go. With secret rendezvous, and stolen moments, Kelsey wants to come clean to Tyler. But fate takes things in another direction.
When a past job comes back to haunt Tyler, he fears for his girlfriend Madeleine and their daughter Rosie. The problem is, it was never going to be them that the mystery man would go after. It was always going to be Kelsey.
Unfortunately, the King Brothers team realised this too late to stop him. Can Nathan and the team save the woman he loves? And will Tyler ever forgive him when the truth comes out about his relationship with Kelsey?.

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