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keith, mary kennedy

Keith (REAPER-Patriots #8) by Mary Kennedy – Free eBooks Download


Being born deaf would be seen as a detriment to most people, but Keith Robicheaux is not most people. His life has been filled with blessings since his rescue by his father, Alec Robicheaux. He’s had the best life could offer and that includes, the best woman in the world. Unable to join the military, Keith chose to educate other deaf children, but trained with his father’s team. Big, strong, and skilled in ways others can’t comprehend, Keith finds himself in the middle of a child trafficking ring that brings back haunting memories for him. The only way to eradicate those memories, is to eradicate the traffickers. Then he can focus on loving the only woman for him.

Suzette “Susie” Redhawk is a twin, with twin brothers, and the daughter of one of REAPER’s most notorious members. Somewhat sheltered, her experiences with men could be counted on one hand. She was okay with that, because the only man she ever wanted an experience with was standing right in front of her. His deafness doesn’t matter to her, or anyone at RP. Big, strong, handsome, sexy, and hers. That’s what Keith Robicheaux is. Hers. Working to destroy the trafficking ring will only bring them closer together. If they survive.

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