Keeping You Close by Vesper Young (ePUB)

keeping you close, vesper young

Keeping You Close (Juniper Cove #3) by Vesper Young – Free eBooks Download


I’m swearing off love. He’s vowing to keep me safe.
You ever have your life go up in flames?
Both in the literal house-burned-down and figurative by-the-way-your-boyfriend-is-a-cheating-jerk way? Yeah. It’s been a rough day.
And then there’s Will, the sexy fireman-next-door with a distracting habit of working out shirtless in his backyard. When my house burns down, he opens up his home to me. In fact, he insists.
Then, why my ex refuses to take “hello, you cheated on me and we’re one-thousand-percent done” for an answer, Will comes up the perfect solution: pretend to date him for a month to make my ex back off.
I’m desperate enough to agree, on one condition: no love. After having my heart broken, I’m done. No more Valentine’s Day, no more hand holding, no more I’ll love you forever.
But my heart isn’t exactly on the same page, and with the sizzling tension between Will and I, he’s not either.
I don’t know if I can make it out unscathed, but if we go down, we’re going down in flames together.

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