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keeping secrets, ella goode

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Fleur is a hottie with red hair and freckles. I want to kiss every freckle and hold that red hair in my fist. Unfortunately, she hates jocks and, more specifically, me but I’ve got a plan to make her fall in love. I need a fake girlfriend to fend off the other girls at school so I can spend time focusing on winning the State title. It’s a long shot but sometimes in relationships, like football, you have to throw that Hail Mary pass.
Van is a hottie with broad shoulders and a wicked grin. Every girl wants to kiss that grin and hold onto those broad shoulders. For some reason, he keeps following me around. He says that he needs a fake girlfriend to fend off the other girls. I think it’s a lie, but I’m willing to go along with it. It’s my senior year and I deserve to have a little fun. I know nothing will come of it because relationships aren’t like football where one dominant player can make you a winner. Instead, it takes two and I know my heart is the only one on the line.

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