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Keeping Score (The Beachside Stories #1) by Allie Marie – Free eBooks Download


Olivia Abbot just wants to be seen.

She’s been called flighty and irresponsible all her life. Back in town for her sister’s wedding, Olivia wants to prove to everyone that she can make it on her own. As she grapples with the possibility of a new relationship, she realizes that she has a slight problem on her hands. A hurdle she has yet to overcome. Enter her big brother’s best friend. He could be the answer to all of her problems.
Owen Bishop just wants to be left alone.

He has enough on his plate, with his bakery slowly failing and his family falling apart at the seams. Two weeks in Beachside, Maine is supposed to be his respite. Until his best friend’s little sister comes to him with a proposition.

Be her first time. Help her get it out of the way. No strings attached.
We hate each other anyway.
After years of keeping score, will two weeks in Beachside, Maine give them the clean slate that they’re both longing for?

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