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t matchmakers have other ideas. Every second person I meet tries to set me up with Mineral Creek’s one other gay single Dad.
Jeremy. King.
I’ve heard those two words so many times since we moved here. I might explode if the name is uttered one more time.
But when I finally meet the man himself, any potential combustion will be due to the chemistry between us.
My Mineral Creek neighbors have looked out for me since my divorce and are now determined to set me up with the new guy in town.
I feel bad that everyone is hounding Dustin to ask me out. I want to get them off his back. Enter my brilliant idea: the fake date.
Convincing the Mineral Creek matchmakers that we’re not compatible would be much easier if we’d kept to our script of uncomfortable silence instead of talking for so long that the restaurant kicked us out when they closed.
But nothing changes the fact that Dustin doesn’t want a boyfriend, and I’m not able to offer my heart to anyone anyway.
We can keep things casual between us, right?

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