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Keeping It All by J.J. Bella – Free eBooks Download


Mary is shocked by everything. She’s shocked to see Sam, she’s shocked that he’s risen to be such a success, and shocked that he evidently has a daughter. Then there’s their history together…

He was the hottest guy in London, a killer smile, attitude, and a body I just couldn’t get enough of.
I was a fool to think I could tame him, but damned if I wasn’t going to try.But he was too much for me, and I had to choose between him and my future.So, I did what I thought was best, I left him and my old life behind.But I’m back in London, and he’s back in my life.He’s seems like a different man, same gorgeous looks, but now he’s got money and power.He could have any woman in this cityBut has he really changed?

Goddamn she has sexy legs and the face of an angel.But she came from a different world; she was too much of a good girl for a bad guy like me.Once she was out of my life, I decided to straighten myself out.Now, years later, I’m an executive for one of the largest financial firms in London, and I’m not going to stop moving up until I’ve got it all.But there’s one complication: her.She’s back in my life, and now I remember just how badly I wanted her.I’m a dad now. That’s changed. I’ve changed. She must see that….

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