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Keeping Caroline (Survivor & Savior Duet #2) by C.A. Varian – Free eBooks Download


After her young daughter, Evie, emerges from the ICU in remission from Leukemia, Caroline Boudreaux relocates with her brother Ethan and his wife Scarlett to a tranquil mountain town, seven hours from the turmoil of New Orleans.
As Caroline begins to forge a new path at Scarlett’s bookstore, she embraces newfound independence and the quiet joys of everyday life. But peace is fleeting. Unbeknownst to her, the shadow of her brother’s violent past looms large, drawing the ire of a vengeful mob.
As threats encroach upon her newfound sanctuary, Caroline finds an unexpected ally in Tristan—a brilliant hacker with a soft spot for those he cherishes. Together, they face a storm of dangers, igniting a bond that transcends friendship.
Amidst whispered secrets and harrowing escapes, Caroline discovers that love can bloom in the face of adversity, and sometimes, heroes come from behind the screens.
Trigger Warnings:
There are many mature themes throughout Saving Scarlett. It is not intended for readers under 17 years of age.

The following themes are explored in this book and are not limited to: graphic (consensual) sexual content, graphic domestic violence, abduction, graphic descriptions of aberrant violence and torture, vulgar language, and murder.

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