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Tensions have never been higher, and you know the best way to relieve tension…

Paris is the perfect place for first love, but when it doesn’t turn out the way you thought, perhaps Paris is better left in the past.
Two rivals vying for one job, and this is an all-out war. The battles are getting more intense but so are their feelings. Perhaps signing her up with or registering him with the Scientologists is child’s play compared to what they really want to do to each other.
Hayden rarely hears the word no, especially from women. He always gets what he wants with two exceptions, one from his past and one from the present.
Bette hates Hayden Corelli almost more than the boy who broke her heart into a million pieces ten years ago, but this is different. The teasing is relentless, and the pranks have been clever, but she needs to focus on winning the job. He may have won a battle or two, but this is war.
Driven by her ultimate heartache over Danny Danson and the twelve weeks they spent falling in fated love in Paris, she fuels her need for success. Between wanting to bury Hayden Corelli and forget Danny, she repeats her mantra often. A play on a famous movie line, “We’ll Always Have Paris.” Well, screw that. He can Keep Paris. And Hayden, well, he needs to keep out of her way and out of her thoughts.
The battle and the spoils of war are set: one gets the job, and the other gets let go. But in the end, will their hearts survive being the one left behind when it comes down to the job vs. love?

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