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Kayne & Alisia (Grangers Duet #1) by T.O. Smith – Free eBooks Download


They’re forced to go on a cross-country trip together.
This is a nightmare.
I’ve been in love with my adopted brother for as long as I could remember.
And now, my dad was forcing us into close proximity for days.
This was going to end in a disaster.
She’s hiding secrets from him.
Kayne has no idea I almost lost my life protecting him.
I have the scars on my ribcage to prove it.
But when he sees those scars, he’ll stop at nothing to find out how I got them.
I just pray he doesn’t ever find out why.
Kayne is finally getting what he’s always wanted: Alisia.
This trip couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve had my eyes on Alisia for years now.
I’ve always done everything in my power to protect her.
And when I find out she almost lost her life protecting me, I’ll become a monster – to hell with my freedom.

**previously published as part one of the Grangers Duet: 2-in-1 book. Now separated, extensively re-edited, and republished as two separate parts.

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