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kash, brynn hale

Kash (Graffiti Street Tattoo #1) by Brynn Hale – Free eBooks Download


Moving half way across the United States with a dog, two cats, and a baby isn’t what I thought I’d be doing this week, but here I am.
I pull in front of the building in Kildare, Nevada–Graffiti Street Tattoo.
It’s been six years since I’ve seen my brother, Cray. He doesn’t know about the baby, dog, and two cats. He actually doesn’t know much about me, anymore.
But it’s not him I’m really here to see.
I’m going to tell Kash something and change his life forever. He’s tall, tatted to the hilt, slightly brooding, and he says and does all the right things.
I want to trust him, but my past tells me men can change. Will he always be like this and will he turn out to be the one?

I could tell she was special and from the moment I met her eleven months ago, and I wanted to make her mine. But she asked me to go without any contact.
When the curious kitten with a body so hot it could melt metal takes a little time away from the baby, she asks me to lay down a design on her pristine skin.
But the session gets away from both of us and I can’t take back what I do or say.
Her brother finds us and it’s never good when Cray’s involved.
She can trust me. But maybe I can’t trust myself around her.

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