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karolina, yolanda olson

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They tore us apart when we were younger.
I was the bad one they said, and the only way to save her was to send her away from me.
It took years before I found her again, and I spent every waking moment obsessing over everything we could have been together.
She never saw me, though.
Truth be told, I don’t think she saw anyone or anything, but I know that she misses me as much as I do her.
And because of that, I’ll finish the work she started.
The sin of one brother is easily levied against the other regardless of how clean his slate may be.
I’ve been watching, waiting … hoping.
And now the moment has arrived.
I’ll make her proud of me.
I’ll show her that I’m nothing to be afraid of, and maybe one day we’ll find each other again.
For now, I have to pay homage to her every move and painfully exquisite thoughts.
I’ll prove to her that we’re not so different.
It’s the only way to get her to love me again.

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