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Amber Kane was born into a world where mobsters run everything from the back rooms of classy clubs, and if you don’t know how to dig a grave by ten, you’re falling behind. On the day her father took everything from her and gave her nothing to look forward to besides a life as a mob heir, she became the one thing she never wanted to be: just like him.
Cocaine deals, gun runs, money laundering, and murder are daily activities for Amber. Until the day one man finds himself on the wrong side of her gun and changes her life once again.
Rebel Spencer used to be just another kid from the wrong side of the Las Vegas tracks, until his mom got sick and he started to act out. Once his father realized he could fight with the best of them, Rebel became their ticket to the top. With Rebel’s skills in the ring, and the underground connections of his father, the Spencers started to make a name for themselves.
But when Rebel’s father steps over his borders and lands himself in hot water with the Kane heir, Rebel is the one caught in the crosshairs of the Kali Queen.

Will Amber lead another man to his demise at the hands of her father, or will Rebel be one she can save?

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