K: The Aftermath by Shandi Boyes (ePUB)

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K: The Aftermath (Russian Mob Chronicles #8) by Shandi Boyes – Free eBooks Download


Nine months ago, Achim Novak killed me.
He siphoned my will to live with vindictive words full of hate and maliciousness. 

Only hours later, Trey Corbyn revived me in the same manner.
He breathed life back into my veins by draining the black blood the darkness filled my heart with.

I thought the dark was my safety net, that it would keep me safe during my bleakest days. Over the past nine months, I’ve learned wasn’t the case. It sheltered me from the horrid things that happened to me against my will, but it also stopped me using the strength Trey has seen in me since day one.

That is done with now.
I’m stronger because of him. My voice is louder.

I was a once victim. I’m not anymore, and my taunters are about to find that out the hard way.

K: The Aftermath is a sequal novella of Trey: European Redemption. It should not be read as a standalone.

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