Justice for Puck Bunnies by Becca Fogg (ePUB)

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Justice for Puck Bunnies by Becca Fogg – Free eBooks Download


When Izzy catches Captain Brad in a delicate position, she’s crushed . . . into the arms of three of his teammates also eager for revenge. They have a goal to knock him off his pedestal, but they may be the ones to fall.

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For the last year, I’ve done everything in my power to secure my wife card from the Addevale Cannon’s coveted captain. Yes, I want him and the social and financial benefits that come with it, but also he’s the only alpha with enough prestige that the Admin will approve of an unsanctioned bond.
As an omega hiding from the system for 28 years, I refuse to allow the Admin to control my life and future. Brad’s connections, means, and standing are my path to freedom. Imagine my surprise to walk into a dive bar bathroom and find him indisposed with someone else. Fueled by rage and panic, I impulsively strolled out and grabbed the first three guys within reach for a bit of revenge—and it worked like a charm.
Trick Wyatt and Bobby Vinson aren’t normally interested in the bunnies, and Mason LaMille is so new to the team he’s still got tags on his skates. They had no problem letting me smear my lipstick all over them, though, and then ink my number in permanent marker on Mason’s neck.

That fateful choice kicked off a series of events that turned all of our lives upside down. If only I’d known then how becoming their “live-in beta bunny” for show would develop.

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