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just say it, anna lindgren

Just Say It (Smugglers Cove #2) by Anna Lindgren – Free eBooks Download


Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice…
Shame on me for letting Ryan Lewis back into my life. It’s not like I had a choice with my best friend marrying his.
I did, however, have a choice when I let him into my life after he broke my trust. I had a choice when I said we could be friends after he broke my heart. I even had a choice thinking he could behave himself when meeting my boyfriend – but like every time before, he proved I don’t know him as well as I thought.
Ryan Lewis had always been an anchor helping me weather life’s storms until he nearly pulled me under. He’d been my knight in shining armor until I decided I’d rather save myself than rely on a relationship that would crack under pressure.
Our love was all-consuming but like most poetic love stories, we’d end in ruin. He used to be my protector but now it seems his only agenda is to sabotage my chance at a happily ever after.
Our history is heated and if I don’t keep my distance, we’re likely to repeat it.
Like I said, shame on me.

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