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Just One Kiss (Castleton Hearts #4) by Chelsea M. Cameron – Free eBooks Download


Sasha Klein couldn’t be less happy to be living in Castleton, Maine. If only her sister hadn’t fallen in love with a Castleton guy nicknamed Skippy who got her pregnant and then bailed on her and her little girl and gone to Las Vegas. Sasha plans to get out of the tiny town just as soon as her sister, Lizzie, is back on her feet.
Looking for any kind of excitement, Sasha escapes Castleton and ends up at a lesbian bar. Things get out of hand when she spills a drink on, almost gets in a fight with, and then kisses a gorgeous mystery woman. Much to her surprise, she sees that woman the following week at her niece’s parent-teacher conference. Awkward.
Jaqueline “Jax” Hardy is everything that Sasha is not, and it’s annoying as hell. Jax just can’t stop rubbing her perfection in Sasha’s face, and Sasha can’t stop being attracted to it. No matter how hard she tries to resist, Sasha keeps finding herself waking up in Jax’s bed under her Egyptian cotton designer sheet set.
Against her better judgement, Sasha starts getting to know Jax, and the more she learns, the more she likes. It also doesn’t hurt that Jax clearly has money and doesn’t mind spending it on Sasha.
Will Sasha finally give in to her heart and stop fighting her feelings for Jax? Or will she cut and run, leaving Castleton for good?

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