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Just Getting Started (Timber Falls #5) by Fiona West – Free eBooks Download


A tough cop. A tender marketing executive. A tenuous connection they’d both like to strengthen…

Deputy Painter never dreamed she’d get fan mail. When Chase Carpenter’s letter crosses her desk, it never occurs to her not to answer it. After all, he’s polite, grateful, and has amazing penmanship. Never mind that she arrested him two years earlier; he’s clearly changed a lot since she took him down for using opioids at the town’s birthday celebration. And she can’t help but be flattered by his attention, given that he never gave her a second look the first time they met…

Chase is sober for the first time in his adult life, and now it’s time to go home. The friendship he’s been building with the tough redhead who helped get him on the path to sobriety feels like the start of something more…but when his last letter before leaving rehab goes unanswered, Chase worries that he’s taken all this the wrong way.

Can they translate their long-distance friendship to a relationship IRL?

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