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A second chance at first love…

Ten years ago, Maddie Sheffield had her life planned out: college, career, marriage, kids, happily ever after. But a blueprint doesn’t include all the detours life can throw at you. When Maddie’s twin brother gets engaged and announces he’s invited Wes to Montlake to be his best man, Maddie realizes just how off track her life is. Wes may be her brother’s best friend, but he was her first love. College took them their separate ways and Maddie’s life derailed, but maybe it’s time to start over.
Wes Cohen has a life most would envy: handsome, a successful career in the NFL, and celebrity status. But there’s the girl he’s always loved, who once maybe loved him back. Wes gave up on the idea of getting Maddie, but his heart never gave up his feelings for her. So the opportunity to be reunited with her? He has to take it.
Maddie’s plans blew up once. It’s not often life offers a do-over. Circumstances pulled them apart. Will love bring them back together?
There’s nothing quite like first love. Or first heartbreak.
Except a second chance.

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