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Just A Hook Up (Hunky Halloween) by Alexx Andria – Free eBooks Download


Worst birthday present ever?

Discovering your boyfriend is cheating on you with the single mom barista from your favorite coffee shop, and now you have to find a place to live in a city where finding affordable rentals is like capturing a unicorn.
Happy birthday, Birdie Johnson, your life sucks.
Which is how I ended up moving in with my best friend and her boyfriend — third wheel, much? — until I could get back on my feet.
But here’s the thing…somewhere between crying my eyeballs out and staring into the abyss of my poor relationship decisions, I realized something — I’ve spent my entire life being the good girl with nothing to show for it.
Well, screw that.
They say the best advice to get over an ex is to get under someone new.
Well, I’m about to put that theory to the test with the first hot guy with kissable lips who crosses my path at my bestie’s annual Halloween party.
Commitment? Don’t want it.
Future plans? Not gonna make ‘em.
Happily-ever-after? Whatever.
For the first time in my life…I’m going to be the bad girl.

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