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Just a Fling (Franklin Notch) by Sarah Everly – Free eBooks Download


I wanted out of my hometown, and away from Cal McDonaghue

I’d done everything I could to escape my hometown, escape the awkward girl who’d always been too tall, too big, too strong. As a sports trainer, all the things that made me stand out also made me good at my job. Until I got fired.
Now I’m unemployed and back in my high school bedroom, reliving old crushes when I run into my best friend’s brother. He needs help training for the Highland Games. How can I say no?
Rebecca Barton might just be my saving grace
When my rival says he’s retiring from the Highland Games and wants one last chance to prove who’s best, I’m in. But he’s got personal trainers and fancy equipment, while I’ve got a parking lot filled with discarded junk.
Thankfully, my sister’s best friend is back in town. She’s trained some of the biggest stars in college football and she always liked me.
Only, she’s not the girl I remember. She’s grown into a gorgeous, self-assured goddess and this time around, I’m the one getting tongue-tied. I’ve convinced her to be my trainer and now I need to convince her to be my girl.

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