June’s Ride with Lightning by Kaci Rose (ePUB)

june's ride, kaci rose

June’s Ride with Lightning (Mustang Mountain Riders #6) by Kaci Rose – Free eBooks Download


He’s fighting for his town. She’s fighting for her heart. Imagine what they could accomplish if they just stopped fighting each other.

The chaos of a turf war isn’t the place for a wedding, yet here I am, watching Piper walk into a world she was warned against.
Sharing a bed wasn’t planned, but neither was the fire that tore through my place.
As we uncover the sinister plots of Savage Bones and face danger at every turn, Piper becomes my unexpected anchor.
Piper’s safety consumes my thoughts, and I find myself falling for her more every day.
But can a man like me, constantly living on the edge, ever hope for a future with someone like her?
I’m not going down without a fight.

I never imagined attending my cousin’s wedding would lead me into the heart of a motorcycle club’s turf war.
A wrong turn in the hallway lands me in the wrong bed… Lightning’s.
As fires rage and danger closes in, I see a side of him that’s both fierce and tender.
But I saw what happened to my mom when she lost my dad, and with Lightning in so much danger, I refuse to follow the same path.
Only Lightning isn’t going to let me run this time…

Welcome to Mustang Mountain, where engines roar and loyalty reigns supreme. Beneath the shadowy peaks of the mountain, the Mustang Mountain Riders defend their ground against a dangerous gang trying to take over their small town. Forged in fire and steel, these bikers face threats head-on, riding hard and fighting even harder. While they brave countless battles, nothing prepares them for love sparked by the curvy women who steal their hearts.

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