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jump, sandra alex

Jump (Big Bands, Big Hearts #2) by Sandra Alex – Free eBooks Download


She dots her ‘I’s wearing Prada. He squeals to fans shirtless. When a deadly meeting changes everything, will she heed the threat, or take the plunge?

Everyone calls him Slick, but I was raised in a home where everything was proper. Sean and I meet in an odd place, under dire circumstances, so nobody would ever expect what happened…to happen…but it did. A rock star and a psychologist seem like an impossible match. And it is. That’s why I have to leave, before everything is ruined. I can’t be with him for so many reasons, as much as every cell in my body says that it’s right. Evidently, he agrees that we should be together, since he leaves breadcrumbs for me…but will they lead me back to him?
She can’t even say my name. With a name like Slick, one expects some surfer-type, with nothing between his ears and a stake where his heart should be. Listen to my music and you’ll see. I’m somewhere between not much and kinda something, you know? But Doc, she’s…something else. The way she handled things on the roof that night…If it weren’t for one thing, she’d be mine. That one night. I should have done it differently. Then she’d still be here. But I can’t take it back…or…can I?

…and just when we think we’re past danger, just when I think that the band has it all, and that I’ve got Doc, too, an unexpected person walks in, and I know that we’re back to square one again.

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