Juliet and the Assassin by Valerie Jo (ePUB)

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Juliet and the Assassin (Curses of Midnight Springs #3) by Valerie Jo – Free eBooks Download


Would you fight to remember your past, no matter how terrible it was?
After being frozen in time for hundreds of years, Juliet wakes up in our world today with no memory of her previous life. Fate connects her with Michael, a struggling addict with a tragic past he’s fighting to forget.
Juliet is convinced that she cannot move forward until she learns where she came from. But as she and Michael seek to reawaken her memories, they are met with disastrous consequences.
All the while, an assassin is traveling thousands of miles to take out her target—a young girl in Midnight Springs involved with magic. She carries a deep hatred for witches and has made it her life’s mission to kill as many as she can to avenge her family. Juliet can hear her threats in her nightmares as the assassin leaves a trail of bodies in her wake.
Will Juliet and Michael be able to find love when the ugly truth of each of their pasts is uncovered?
Will they be able to save each other from the impending danger of a trained killer thirsty for revenge?

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