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Juldo Made (Galactic Order #4) by Erin Raegan – Free eBooks Download


It’s been months since he’s been gone. Not a word from him. Not a single sign. He’s out there somewhere without a single memory of me. Without knowing about his child still growing inside me. And there’s no way for me to find him. He could be anywhere. On some distant planet or drifting in the vast black space of our universe. I want nothing more than to find him, but I’m stuck on the Dahk’s home planet. I can’t exactly hop in my car and hunt him down. Not that my friends would even let me. I’m so pregnant I can’t even walk the castle halls without losing my breath let alone fly around in a spaceship searching for Juldo enemy camps he may be frequenting. So I stay and I wait and I pray for a word, a sighting, any kind of proof he’s still here. That some part of him may still remember me, us, what we used to be to each other.

I drift in darkness. I am newly made. Juldo. I was not always. But I do not remember my past life. I do not remember her. But she is an echo that haunts me. She pulls me from the shadows into a light that burns. I watch her in silence. I wait for her to call that name. A name that no longer belongs to me. She looks at me with a sadness that I have no name for, yet I know I am the cause. She says she is mine. That I am hers. But I am not her Hector. I am Vyr and so she belongs to a male that is gone. But the deep ache inside me tells me I still belong to her. And so I will guard her and the babe she carries for the male I used to be.

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