Juggling Concerns by Erin R. Flynn (ePUB)

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Juggling Concerns (Karma Bakery #5) by Erin R. Flynn – Free eBooks Download


Arabella Baker, her daughters, and the Karma Bakery rocked Christmas. Now she can put more into place instead of constantly running to make all the orders for the holidays.
Until Valentine’s Day at least. All bets are off then.
She’s also excited to work on her personal relationships. She feels like she’s surrounded herself with friends rather than people who worship her or even just employees. People who really value her, and then there’s the men who want to be with her. Even with a hiccup, she feels like she can handle progressing her relationships. It’s a good place to be.
So of course, everything has to blow up. Not with the bakery. New Year’s Eve is a cakewalk compared to what they’ve already been doing, and the path seems a smart one for the bakery.
No, this is personal, and something she hoped to never have to deal with. Life will never be the same once the curtain is pulled back this time. But does Arabella have the right people at her back this time, or will history repeat itself and break her?

Karma Bakery is a slow-burning romance with multiple interested parties that is full of sugar, spice, and everything nice while trying to find your place in life, doing the best you can, appreciating what you have, and figuring out a way to move beyond a traumatic past.

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