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joseph, mary kennedy

Joseph (REAPER-Patriots #10) by Mary Kennedy – Free eBooks Download


Joseph Redhawk is nearing the end of his career as a Delta Operative. He’s also in the darkest place a man like him can be. Senseless lives lost; acts against humanity; and a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness that won’t seem to leave him. Who would have believed that the sweet, shy, little sister of Paige Anderson would be his savior. Julia was always a surprise for Joseph, but now a grown woman, she was sitting across from him looking unbelievably beautiful. And just like that, the cloud was lifted. It happened so fast, he couldn’t catch his breath. But someone is trying to kill Joseph and Nathan. Julia seems to be the person who can truly help. The question is how?

Julia Anderson has always been able to talk to and see dead people. She’s hidden her secret from everyone except a select few. Now, because she’s professed her love for Joseph and vowed to save him, she must reveal it all. But when her amazing secret is revealed, so are the secrets and treasures of Belle Fleur that will help an entire new generation. All Julia cares about is loving Joseph. That, and getting the ghosts of Belle Fleur to behave.

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