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Jonah: My Sweet Stalker (My Sweet Stalker #1) by Opal King – Free eBooks Download


I spend my whole day glued to my screen, glued to Emily.

Watching her and wishing that I wasn’t having to do it from behind a screen, wishing that I could be sitting on the couch and she’d turn around and give me a warm, happy smile, and things would feel complete.
When Emily turns up on my doorstep, a curvy angel ready to dedicate all her time to caring for my son, I know I’m in trouble. I can’t keep her out of my mind, and I’ll do whatever it takes to know more about her, even if that means stalking her.
I’ve been hurt, my son’s been hurt, and I promised myself I wouldn’t open either of us up to that again.
But watching isn’t enough anymore, and I know I’m going to give in and show Emily how I much I need her.
I just hope the fact I’ve been watching isn’t going to ruin things between us.
Jonah is the first in a series of older, alpha stalkers who will do whatever it takes to be close to the curvy, younger woman of his dreams.

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