Johnson Jones’ Diary by Robyn Peterman (ePUB)

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Johnson Jones’ Diary (My So-Called Mystical Midlife #5) by Robyn Peterman – Free eBooks Download


A fabulous mash-up of three of my favorite characters from three of my favorite series?

Umm… Yes, please!
Johnson from My Big Fat hairy Wedding, Dwayne from Shift Happens and Zorro from Magic and Mayhem are hanging out together and having the time of their lives.
Get ready for one wild and hilarious ride with Johnson Jones’ Diary—adventure, mistaken identities, love, fashion, belly laughs and of course, a happily ever after.
xoxo Robyn

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Dear Diary,

Tomorrow is the big day! Life is thrilling! All of my dreams are coming true… except the one where I ride off into the sunset with Prince Charming on a snowy white steed and inherit an adorable brownstone on the Upper East Side with a doorman named Jeeves. Well, one can’t have everything, can they?

Fingers are crossed—all of them—that my first big fashion show goes off without a hitch. Never in my wildest wizard dreams did I imagine that my designs would be headlining New York Fashion Week. As long as the models show up and my darling undead assistant, Helen, doesn’t cry happy tears of blood all over the frocks, I’m confident my caftans will be a huge success.

Who knew shapeless bodywear could be the next big thing? Me, that’s who! And I’m manifesting my dreams into reality.

Anyhoo, wish me luck, Dear Diary, and thanks as always for lending an ear… or a page, to be more accurate.
xoxo Johnson Jones

*** Previously released in the Pride Not Prejudice: A Romantic Charity Collection.

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