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jean, mary kennedy

Jean (REAPER-Patriots #2) by Mary Kennedy – Free eBooks Download


Jean Robicheaux is the middle brother of a pack of wild and crazy siblings. Always the quiet, unassuming brother, he’d married too young, divorced, and went to work for his brother at REAPER. Too old to be looking for a replacement wife, Jean is content in helping his REAPER-Patriot family. When Tristan asks him to help with his sister, Rose, he’s more than happy to help a brother. The problem is, Rose Evers is hiding something. Something that could endanger everyone on their property. She’s stubborn, annoying, and the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. None of that will change the fact that he’s going to find out what it is she’s hiding. Then, he’ll make her his.

Rose Evers thought she could go home and get some relief under the protection of her older brother. What she didn’t expect was the big, muscular stranger sticking his nose in her business. No matter what direction she turned, he was there and he was damn hard to ignore. Running from the law is one thing, but running when you are the law, that’s an entirely different matter.

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