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Jake (Von Larsen Crime Family #2) by Piper Page – Free eBooks Download


She’s not like any woman I’ve ever met. My job as a professional boxer and as the enforcer for my family business doesn’t leave any room for soft cracks in my strong steel. But there’s something about Aly with her curves and her tender eyes she hides behind her own hard shell; it’s making me change on the inside. I’ve heard that love can bring down the highest walls of any strong man. Is that’s what is happening to me? Am I in love with an escort? I’ve never felt I could share my entire world—seen and unseen—with someone until her. She seems like just the type of woman that can keep my secret safe. Maybe I really can have it all, like my brother Cole. I never thought I could, but now I do. For once I can. I finally can.

I know it’s wrong to feel the way I do about him, the way his rippled muscles glide and flex over his every move possesses me to where I can’t think straight.
But I have a job to do, one that I was hired to do. One that I can’t deviate from or I could land myself in federal prison for breaking the laws as an undercover agent.
Falling in love with Jake Von Larsen, one of the biggest cocaine dealers of the south, isn’t part of the description. But he’s so different than what I expected him to be. And now, the lines are blurred between my job as an under cover escort and his fake girl friend. The way his strong body makes my body melt, wow. Not to mention the fireworks that go off underneath the bed sheets—that secret I can keep from my boss. For once, I finally feel safe and loved. What will happen if he finds out the truth? Why can’t “us” be the truth?

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