Jaded Red by J. Lynn Lombard (ePUB)

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Jaded Red (Royal Bastards MC: Los Angeles Chapter #7) by J. Lynn Lombard – Free eBooks Download


I’m Matthew “Red” Phillips, and I serve as the tech expert for L.A. Chapter of the Royal Bastards MC. Even the most notorious hackers pale in comparison to my skills. The reason for that is they got caught while I didn’t.
The world is mine to control, and the dark web is where I thrive. Locating anyone, anywhere and their last meal is something I’m capable of. I can handle anything except one thing. One incident years ago changed my life forever. It hardened my heart and I swore I would never love again.
I’ve kept that promise for the last ten years. Now a small, sexy wisp of a woman has my head all over the place, making me experience emotions I never wanted to feel again. She will either be the death of me or my saving grace.

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