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jack, lisa cullen

Jack (Shifters of Beaver Brook #6) by Lisa Cullen – Free eBooks Download


My secrets are buried deep down.
No one can know.
Beaver Brook has always been my home, and I’ve always known about the shifters that live in the wild just out of sight.
I’ve also always known I’m one of them.
But nobody else knows. I’ve buried my secret down deep under years of denial and shame—buried it so deep I’ve almost believed the lies I’ve told over and over again: that I’m human.
But I’m not, and I never will be, and that is the least of my worries when I learn that the love of my life isn’t what he seems, either. Jack, the man in town I’ve known for years and often daydreamed about going old with, is not just the cheerful guy who works at the local soup kitchen. He’s a bear shifter.
If I let him he’ll show me what it’s like to let my animal free. I’m scared that if I get a taste for it I’ll forget who I am… but that won’t matter if Beaver Brook destroys itself because of the hateful Anti Shifter Movement.
Things come to a head when Jack and I learn that the ASM is waging war on all the shifters. Suddenly I’m thrust into a war I never wanted, and I find myself fighting on the side I never expected.

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