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It’ll Be An Adventure by Cherise Sinclair – Free eBooks Download


The secret of author Murphy’s success is hands-on research.

Murphy loves writing popular Regency thrillers and jumping into new adventures under the guise of research. For one novel, she’d joined a K9 search-and-rescue group—and liked it so much she stayed. But this book… Why had she thought a Regency birching club was a good setting?
The challenge is, she’ll have to return to the Shadowlands.
Years ago, she’d sneaked into the area’s most exclusive, private club. And what had happened to her there…well, she still has nightmares. But she’s healed now, right?
When she gets up her courage to visit the club, the owner hands her over to Master Saxon.
Master Saxon is handsome, powerful, and dominant. The veterinarian has a gorgeous smile, a trust-me voice, and does Search and Rescue with his canine helper, Sherlock. In the Shadowlands, he’s known as the Viking god. For years, he’s avoided serious relationships. A quiet, little author can’t possibly slip past his defenses. Even if he does adore her books.
Master Saxon guided her into the dungeon. “If I birch you extra hard, will that get you to write faster?”
Her mouth dropped open at his wicked grin, then his words registered. “No!”

Note: Full-length, sizzling-hot novel with no cliff hanger and no cheating. A protective, dominant hero. A vulnerable, intelligent heroine. Page-turning adventure, sigh-worthy romance, hilarious girl-gang moments…and an adorable, fluffy dog.

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