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it takes time, roxanne riley

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Love doesn’t always work out at first sight.
Sometimes it takes time for the heart to get what it wants.
Especially when it’s two men at once!

Growing up, Josh, Gabriel, and I were inseparable.
But not everyone wants to live the small town life forever.
Josh’s big city dreams took him across the country for college,
and his absence seemed to put a distance between all three of us.
We grew up, got jobs, and Josh even went and had a kid.
It’s been years since I’ve spoken to either one of them…
until Gabriel shows up where I work.
My childhood crush has now blossomed into a very adult one.
And when he asks me to dinner to reconnect,
it feels like I’ve been given back a piece of my heart.
Not to mention the way my body lights up when he touches me.
Back in high school, I couldn’t decide between him and Josh.
Now I start to think Gabriel was the one for me all along.
But then I’m shocked when we run into Josh on our date.
He’s back in town and here to stay.
And suddenly my feelings get complicated.
Mine aren’t the only ones, though.
Because Josh has come out as bi,
and he wants to get into Gabriel’s pants
just as badly as he wants to get into mine!
The feeling is mutual on my end, too.
But that brings up old fears between all three of us,
which make a hard situation even worse to navigate.
I know I’m in lust with both of these hot men.
And I think I’m in love, too.
But can we really figure out this three-sided struggle?

Will the past overpower our attempts to make this work now?
Or will our history help us create the perfect future together?

It Takes Time is a small town MMF bisexual menage romance with high heat MM and MMF scenes. (Swords do cross in this one!) It has no cliffhangers and no cheating, but it does have lots of steam and a happily ever after for everyone involved.

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