It Starts With A No by Trisha Grace (ePUB)

it starts no, trisha grace

It Starts With A No (The Anderson Entanglement #1) by Trisha Grace – Free eBooks Download


Christmas is around the corner. It’s the season of love, joy, and hope.
Not for Clary Fiore—because some people just can’t take no for an answer.
A home invasion made Clary Fiore an orphan, but her benefactor made sure she was looked after and lacked for nothing.
Now, her benefactor has handed her the key to a banking empire. A banking empire that is a complete mess, and one that comes with a long list of enraged customers.
Instantly, she’s on top of the list of most hated people—both inside and outside the bank. Everyone’s questioning her ability to lead and speculating about what she did to get her position. The last thing Clary cares about is a billionaire needing an immediate loan.
But of course, billionaire Seth Anderson doesn’t take no for an answer.
Seth hates her benefactor, and by association—Clary. The need for a fast loan, however, triumphs over everything else. They just need to survive a gun-toting lunatic long enough for him to ask her for it.
Love, joy, and hope? Clary will settle for getting through the year without killing anyone.
Seth and Clary are two people on two very different sides. Amid the threats, secrets, and a complicated past, a gun-toting lunatic threatening to end their lives is the least of their worries.
Or is it just the beginning of what is to come?

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