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Fake dating my best friend’s cousin for the summer? Yes, please! No strings, no risks, no problems.

I’m on a man-ban. That’s right, no dating for me. Until my radar for picking morons gets fixed, I’m on a look-but-don’t-touch policy. During a summer vacation at my best friend’s lake house, her cousin Bennett comes up with the perfect plan. If we pretend we’re together, his meddling family will butt out of our love lives. But as we spend time with each other, my traitorous heart has other ideas. Like falling for the widower who’s completely off-limits. It’s just my luck that the one person I’d drop my restrictions for doesn’t want me for real.

I know I need to get back to living a full life, but it’s hard when guilt and grief are a constant cloud raining over me. Things are going as well as a first water skiing lesson—disastrous—until I meet Camille at Lake Lloyd. She’s the best candidate to help me get my family off of my back about dating again. Our scheme is going great until she hints she wants our relationship to be real. How do I make room in my broken heart for her? How do I cherish my past without messing up my future? But if I don’t try, I risk chasing away the one person who makes me feel alive. I have no clue what to do. Why is faking it so much easier? If only love came with a guarantee.

It Started at the Lake is a sweet with a sprinkling of heat romance featuring a best friend’s cousin, fake dating, age gap, found family, rich/poor, and opposites attract tropes.

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