Irresistible Trouble by Pippa Grant (ePUB)

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Irresistible Trouble (Copper Valley Fireballs #4) by Pippa Grant – Free eBooks Download


I, Cooper Rock, baseball god, worshipper of women, hometown hero, beloved son and brother, and owner of a well-deserved ego, have always reached for the stars. Usually in baseball.
In love? Nah. When you’ve played the field as much as I have and haven’t been bit by the bug, you’re immune.
Or so I thought until she walked back into my life.
Waverly Sweet. Pop music sensation. Universally beloved for good reason. She’s freaking awesome. Kind. Funny. Talented. Sexy as hell. Real. And still completely out of my league.
But I have been hit by the Waverly Sweet tour bus of love, tumbled head over heels, and come up in a field of Waverly-scented roses. This is it. She’s my one and only, and this time, I won’t screw it up.
I’m cleaning up my reputation. I’m ignoring the doubters. I’m channeling everything I have into proving to her that I can be the man she deserves.
No matter what else I have to sacrifice for love.
Including baseball.

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