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intriguing, alie garnett

Intriguing (Landstad #5) by Alie Garnett – Free eBooks Download


There is no harm in a little outrageous flirting,
But carma always had a way of biting Kit in the butt.

Which was how the man Kit had flirted with Friday afternoon ended up in her hometown that night. At a wedding she didn’t want to be at. Flirting right back at her.
Thomas Harstad was a ladies man. Everyone in the school break room where they both worked knew that. For months Kit has tried to stay out of his line of sight, because she wasn’t the kind of woman he would change his ways for. After all, he doesn’t date women with kids, and she has a handful.
Not that it matters, Kit was done with men. After two failed marriages and raising five kids herself, she didn’t even have time for a man. Despite her abysmal track record with men she hated to admit, she liked Thomas’s attention.
Even if Thomas could look past her faults, all five of them she knew there was no future for them. Thomas spent little time with one woman and she couldn’t lose anymore of her heart to a man who doesn’t stay. So why was she still hoping for happily ever after?

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