Into Darkness We Fall by Jodie King (ePUB)

into darkness we fall, jodie king

Into Darkness We Fall by Jodie King – Free eBooks Download


An introvert. A hermit. An orphan. A virgin. Charley. That’s who I was.

Growing up in nothing but the gloom I was willing to engulf myself in, stuck between hoping to be seen but wanting to remain cloaked in invisibility, I was buried in a heap of scorched black rose petals and love notes the moment I moved to New York City.
I wasn’t entirely unlovable, you see? I had a stalker, someone who was totally enamored with me. He was consistently cognizant, forever lurking in the shadows, constantly craving, and he never failed to notice the unseen me, no matter where I hid.
But sometimes things are not as they seem.
Everything changed the evening I went to that party. I was chased by two masked men through the woods, and from that night on, I’d been swept into a world of chaos and untamed pleasure.
Just when I thought the darkness could no longer devour me, as it has my entire life, I somehow found myself falling deeper into it.

Greed. Betrayal. Power. Revenge. Swan. That‘s who I am now.

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