Instantly Her Hero by Jo Grafford (ePUB)

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Instantly Her Hero (Born In Texas #9) by Jo Grafford – Free eBooks Download


A cowboy deputy who feels destined for greater things, a small town waitress in big-time trouble, and their chance encounter that sparks a lot more than either of them bargained for…
Jeremy Morgan (or Preacher, as his friends like to call him) has always been a sucker for damsels in distress. He suspects it has something to do with his calling into the ministry that he’s spent the last ten years trying to ignore. He’s too much of a man of action to spend the rest of his life chained to a pulpit. When a diner waitress throws herself into his arms, however, he doesn’t think twice about playing along with her plea to pretend like they’re dating.
After a heartbreaking disagreement with her late stepfather, Allie Greathouse abandons her family’s wealth and prestige to move off the grid, working a series of waitress jobs she never keeps for long. Though she knows she’ll eventually have to return home and set things straight with her stepsister, a mysterious stalker forces her to remain on the run.
When the dark and swoony Jeremy offers her a shoulder to cry on, Allie discovers he has a real gift for listening. She has no idea how much danger she’s putting him in when she confides her darkest secret, or just how quickly a girl can lose her heart to the right guy at the wrong time!

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