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Instant Heiress (Deep Dark Secrets #2) by JJ Love – Free eBooks Download


I’m the rightful heiress to our family throne and someone is trying to take it from me…
There’s about to be some casualties and hopefully Jax is not one of them. No one really knows me, not even Jax. The first thing people see is a pretty face. What people don’t know about me is that I’m not just nice to look at, but I’m deadly…and I can manipulate the f**k out of most men.
It’s all a game to me really. You see, I love to dominate my opponent whether it’s in business or the bedroom. And once I get you to the bedroom you don’t stand a chance. In fact, it’s almost too easy.
See men have a terrible problem…they underestimate women.
Especially when you’re born into a mafia empire…For some reason it’s on unwritten rule that it’s a man’s right to claim the throne, no matter what. It’s the old school way. You’re just supposed to accept it.
And right now, I’m expected to accept my fate. But that’s not me, it’s not who I am. I’m not old blood, I’m new blood, and I have a craving for power that will rival most men.
But let me warn you, my opponents never win unless I want them to win.
Victory is the illusion of power, but that’s not that where the true power lies…it lies in knowing how to weaken your opponent. And believe me when I tell you I’ve perfected this skill of bringing a grown man to his knees while he’s begging for more.
You think it’s wise to threaten my throne? You think it’s yours for the taking? Then make your move.
Let the games begin…

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