Insidious Monsters by Debbie Cassidy (ePUB)

insidious monsters, debbie cassidy

Insidious Monsters (New Blood: Eldritch Blues #2) by Debbie Cassidy – Free eBooks Download


Never fall for the monster inside you.

Telarion and I have an understanding:
*Never talk about our emotions.
*Never express our feelings to each other.
*Never spend the evenings together.

Luckily, catching eldritch is time consuming and exhausting work. Throw in an attempted kidnapping and a bunch of missing mystics, and who has time for matters of the heart, right?
When I stumble into the path of an eldritch civilian in the eldritch realm, things get even more interesting.
Turns out there’s an eldritch male on our side of the rift. Bringing him back could be the key to my questions about my mother and about the eldritch world.
Danger and mystery could be my saviours, if only I could focus to get the job done. The only problem is Telarion has become more than my curse. He’s become my addiction.
And our rules… Well, don’t they say rules are made to be broken?

August’s adventure continues in this second instalment of the Eldritch blues series. A Paranormal Urban Fantasy with an MF Romance.

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