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insatiable kitten, sarah jd

Insatiable Kitten (Insatiable #1) by Sarah J.D. , Sarah Jane Duncan – Free eBooks Download


I am Kitten. Watch me play!

They call me Kitten. I’m their plaything, and I love it. I thrive on it. I need it.
It’s like an itch I can’t quite scratch.
A craving that doesn’t take away the hunger.
A compulsion that I can’t control.
It’s all-consuming in every way.

I thought I’d come to terms with how my future looked. Meaningless sex. Lots and lots of meaningless sex. Bodies writhing, skin slapping, moans filling the air. It’s who I am, and I don’t allow myself to think too much about how I’ll never have a normal relationship. I’ll never be able to commit 100% to one person.
When a ghost from my past sends me spiralling, any sort of control over my ailment is lost, and I find myself walking the dark path of self-destruction. No one knows the depravity of my past. If they did, they wouldn’t want anything to do with me.
As I try to rein in my demons, I find myself in a compromising position that reveals one of my secrets to the Casanova of my school. If that isn’t bad enough, my ex has his sights set on me again, a playful friend steps over the line with me, and another brooding mate is seething with anger at me. Rightfully so, since all four of them are best mates.
Throw in a sex club run by predators posing as high-class citizens, a contract that I signed when I was way too young to understand the fine print, and a man who is fifteen years older than me, which has me bratting it up all over the place, and my existence is on a path to fuckery.
How the hell do I get myself in these situations? And how in the hell am I going to get myself out this time?

I’m Rhys George. Welcome to my dark and depraved world.
Out of the goodness of my black heart, I thought I’d give you a heads up. A warning if you will. What you are about to read contains extreme, filthy, descriptive, no holding back sm?t.
If you love what you read, then girl! We should be friends! You are my people!

Because I’m feeling generous, I’d like to warn you of some other things in my world that could be triggering to some readers, so please read the full warning on my blog, so you can be prepared!! I promise my warnings are worth it!!

Do you still want to read my story?
I hope so! It’s epic!
Will it make you cry? Maybe.
Will it make you laugh? Absolutely.
Will it make you all hot and bothered? Duh! Of course!
Will it make you feel like throwing your book or e-reader? Yes, but please don’t do that! I promise the angst is worth it in the end!!
So, are you still with me?
FAN-F%CKING-TASTIC! Let’s do this!!

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